New products publishment ! Find more fun !!


There are totally 5 kinds of new products published today.


Let's go together to find more fun from them!



True lipstick candy !  Full with VC and collagen, it helps girls and women to keep beautiful with enhanced immunity.

Fashional design and muti colors are attractive enough.

Buy some ? We are sure that your wife / girlfriend will be very very happy.


New productssugar-free mintsmint candy



Micky bar and plate-pressed tablets ! They are always popular by kids and adults! 

Me? Yes, I am also their fan.

We add DHA + Calcium, along with tasty fruit flavors there. 

We believe that you will be the next fan after tasting!

New productssugar-free mintsmint candyNew productssugar-free mints




Here comes the CHAMPION !!!

What ??  What champion? ?  You are kidding me.

Milk tablet with very very high milk powder capacity !

Each tablet contains 81% of milk powder, and, and , and, all raw milk powder was imported from New Zealand! 

It is true TOP 1 in China !


mint candyNew productssugar-free mints




How do you feel when there is a terrible traffic jam during your driving ?

I want to sleep.

Hey....wake up... hey you.. you are the DRIVER !!  Stop your dream now !  Here you are ! The DOSFARM mint candy.


NICE.  I am alive again.

Such diamond-shaped bottle with easy-open cap.  It is really perfect for drivers.

Yes you are right. Every time I drive, it is with me. 


mint candyNew productssugar-free mints



Lovely caaaaaaaat !

So cute ! BUY for me, will you ?


With tin / special triangle bottle packaging, this kind of mint candy gains many fans in just few hours after it is born.


mint candy

New productssugar-free mints





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mint candyNew productssugar-free mintsmint candy

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